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Vital co-workers help you succeed!

Through my coaching programme, you will feel physically and mentally fit, you will be more motivated at the job and have more drive. The very same applies to your co-workers.

The right fuel and an appropriate amount of exercise influence your physical and mental vitality but have also a significant positive effect on your mental strength. What has always been true for top performances in sports also applies to top performances on the job.

As a medical doctor and nutrition expert, I have a great deal to offer: tailor-made seminars, interactive workshops, interesting presentations and private executive coaching according to my personal weight and anti-age concepts.

Mobilise your co-workers’ vitality and motivate them – you will see that it is worth it! I will support you with my comprehensive offers.

Why should investing in your co-workers vitality be worth it?

  • Co-workers health problems cause additional costs for your company
  • Increase in productivity due to promoting health
  • Nutrition as a crucial health and performance factor
  • Exercise increases performance
  • Attractive company due to promoting health