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Vital co-workers are the company's capital

Health problems of co-workers are an important cost-factor

Depending on the size of a company, the costs for a single sick day may vary between 500 and 1’000 CHF. In Switzerland, the average sick day quota is at 5%, which amounts to a sound 12 days per person per year. This loss amounts to 4’500 – 9’000 CHF for one single employee. I.e., depression as an illness causes costs of 7 Billion CHF annually for the economy and the companies (1).

Higher productivity thanks to health promotion

Promoting co-workers’ health has an influence on crucial criteria such as lowering the company’s number of sick days and health costs and accidents at work as well as on increasing satisfaction among co-workers and customers. Better health means more self-confidence and reduces susceptibility to stress, which in turn has a positive effect on the atmosphere at work: better team-work, more motivated employees and less fluctuation among the staff. Eventually, the sum of all these factors has a positive effect on the productivity of the company and leads to an enhanced corporate identity (1,2,3).
Since 1980, numerous studies focusing on promoting health and on preventing illnesses have been conducted.

Facts & Figures:

  • Pepsi Co, Inc. indicated that they saved 3 US$ for every dollar invested in the promotion of health (4,5).
  • DuPont estimates their savings from investing in the promotion of health at 5 US$ for every dollar invested (4,5).
  • ABB High Voltage Products managed to reduce the absences of employees due to sickness thanks to promoting health from 40% to currently 2.3% (1) within the past five years. I.e., the number of absences reduced by 3 percentage points of one ABB company consisting of a mere 260 employees led to a savings of 780’000 CHF (6) .

Nutrition as an important factor for health and good performance

So-called “manager illnesses” such as heart attack and stroke are mostly preventable. Nutrition plays a crucial role in this respect. The basis for a vital and efficient organism is brain-food, the nutrition for top performances on the job. This approach can be realised when eating at the restaurant, the canteen or en-route. By choosing the correct nutrients, you will be able to directly influence your concentration, performance and stress resistance.

Exercise enhances your performance

Numerous studies prove that the health costs of employees who exercise at least once a week amount to only half of those who never exercise (1). 80% of employees at Union Pacific Railroad believe that they work more efficiently due to the fitness programme of the company. 75% feel more concentrated at work thanks to regular exercise (2).

An attractive company thanks to health promotion

A company supporting its employees is more attractive than the competition. The positive effects are manifold:

  • Enhanced corporate identity
  • Healthier and more satisfied employees
  • Better atmosphere at work
  • Better team-work
  • Less fluctuation among employees
  • Gain in productivity


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