Yourlife Individual Coaching
Yourlife Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Private Weight & Vitality Coaching

...according to my Weight and Vitality Concept specifically developed for you.

This programme consists of a private coaching exclusively developed for you and your environment. A coaching programme which can be carried out flexibly according to your availability regarding time, place and frequency of the individual sessions.

Private persons:
On the one hand, this coaching programme for individuals focuses on losing weight sustainably; on the other, it uses natural anti or well-aging measures to help you increase your physical and mental vitality and feel it too!

Managers and executives:
In addition to a successful weight management adapted entirely to your needs as a top manager, the increase of mental fitness and mental power for a successful top performance on the job is also high on the agenda. The right fuel and a sufficient supply of anti-stress micro-nutrients will boost your drive!

Feel free to contact me for personal advice on which private coaching programme is best for you. Make a step towards more vitality and more awareness in your life!

... and it works!

Thanks to my sound knowledge, my experience and my motivational strengths, you will not only reach your target weight through my support (and be able to keep it in the long term while still enjoying yourself), but you will also benefit from a palpable increase in vitality, performance, self-confidence and of course zest for life!

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Coaching in the fields of nutrition and micro-nutrients

Individual coaching programmes in the event of specific nutritional or health problems, for an increased performance on the job or for your fitness or individual advice and coaching on micro-nutrients (vital substances.)